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Our Mission Statement: 

To provide a superior early childhood learning experience focused on nurturing the whole child in Mind, Body & Spirit. 




Early learning should be developmentally appropriate and play based because that is what is meaningful to children and how they learn best.

Preschool should not only prepare children for their later school years, but show them that learning is fun!  This sets the stage for creating life-long learners!


A well-rounded education means also teaching children about the importance of nature, gardening and healthy living. 


By incorporating a menu of healthy, whole foods we can condition the children's palates to enjoy nutritious foods, which will not only contribute to their ability to learn and focus, but benefit them their whole lives. 

Warm, loving interactions and positive praise play vital roles in the connections that form in the brain and is an essential part of the learning process.  Social skills develop from teaching compassion for others and learning how to work and play cooperatively with others. 

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